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Pretty Little Liars Inspired Ship Clip EZRIA HALEB SPOBY EMAYA

PLL Shippers Unite!
For the Pretty Little Liars Fan who has everything!

These Amazing and Sparkly Ship Clips can be clipped to just about anything. Wear them in your hair for extra sparkle, use as a bookmark in your favorite PLL book, awesome to clip papers together, why not clip them to your backpack or purse or whatever else you can think of!

Available in:

Aria and Ezra ~ EZRIA  (Red with Black Lettering)
Spencer and Toby ~ SPOBY (Teal with White Lettering)
Hanna and Caleb ~ HALEB (HOT Pink with Black Lettering)
Emily and Maya ~ EMAYA  (Olivine Green with White Lettering)

Custom Name/Ships are also welcome. Please note however that only up to 5 letters are allowed.

Use the drop down menu below to order which Ship Clip you prefer.

Special Price of $6.50 EACH Ship Clip (plus shipping)

Don’t like the colors I have chosen? No Problem! You can have any color combo you wish!

Clip measures 2 inches long and a half inch wide. Pinch Clip holds tight in your hair or whatever you choose to clip it on.

Get your PLL Ship on today!

IMPORTANT!  If you are getting these for your hair and are NOT purchasing two clips, please let me know what side you prefer to wear it on. Left and Right are made differently.



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