The good folks at ArtResin reached out to me recently about their product. I was happy to hear from them as ArtResin High Gloss Epoxy Resin Clear Coat is a staple of mine that is always sitting on my work table. 

My passion is polymer clay and I love to coat many of my pieces to make them shiny and durable. I also create cabochons and other inclusions in my work with resin. I needed something crystal clear, non toxic, wont yellow over time can withstand heat and looked absolutely perfect. I must confess, I am a perfectionist by nature.

In all the years that I have been creating jewelry, I have tried pretty much every Resin on the market. Most were not clear, were hard to get all the bubbles out, didn't set properly (sticky) , smelled very toxic and didn't withstand aging very well (turned yellow or foggy over time). There really weren't any that I was thrilled with.
In January of 2016 I stumbled across ArtResin. Ahhh, here was a resin I had not yet tried. I loved that the description explained it was certified non toxic, produces no VOCs or fumes, non flammable and has HALS (hindered amine light stabilizer) added for extremely efficient long term yellowing protection. I did some research and looked up reviews, might I add they were all raving reviews too. I purchased ArtResin and the rest is history, I will never go back to the others.

What I love most about ArtResin is the clarity, low bubbles that are easily removed with a lighter, non toxic, no fumes and when mixed correctly sets up perfectly for me every time no matter the size of the batch. The price is very reasonable too!

I mainly use ArtResin to coat my pieces so a little goes a long way for me. The 32oz starter kit lasted me just over a year and was still going strong with no yellowing or breakdown of product.

As a jewelry artist, I'm very pleased with ArtResin.
It's not just for jewelry though, there are so many applications! Covering photos, artwork, scrapbooking, puzzles, wood, glass and even fabrics just to name a few. Let your imagination go wild!

ArtResin meets and exceeds all my expectations. It's a great product and excellent company to deal with. Check them out at I guarantee you will fall in love.

Below are just some of my many pieces using ArtResin.
Happy creating and thanks for stopping by!



Boho Cuff Bracelet   Butterfly Wing Earrings


Butterfly Wing Earrings    Dragonfly Garden Bracelet


Hippie Bracelet   Sea Turtle Pendant